About Us

Customer Satisfaction

The team prides themselves in customer satisfaction, and Bitcoin Motion is a testament to that. It is a platform made by traders to try and make Bitcoin investing simpler through the intuitive tools it provides.

When dealing with your account manager, you are treated with the utmost respect and dignity. It only takes a few minutes to complete the registration allowing the users to get trading sooner.


Suppose privacy is your concern, Bitcoin Motion has you covered with its high-tech encryption technology. This platform helps keep Bitcoin Motion safe from hackers or cybercriminals who might try to access your account.

All personal information provided to the platform is handled with the utmost care, and a 100% confidentiality policy is in place. Each customer's security is vital to the team, so they have included a two-factor authentication when login into your Bitcoin account.

Since its inception many years ago, caring about their client's security has been the main concern for their business. Until today they remain updated with the best encryption systems practices to keep all their customers happy.

Intuitive Trading Hub Layout

The team at Bitcoin Motion knows that trading can be challenging; that is why they tried to make Bitcoin Motion as intuitive as possible. All technical indicators are clearly labeled, and some include more delicate tuning options, such as tweaking parameters or removing instruments.

Whatever your trading plan confluence criteria are, you can find the right tool to fit in with it perfectly. There is something for everyone in Bitcoin Motion 's trading toolbox; it's just about finding the right ones for you. All the indicators are within a finger's reach and can be set up within a matter of seconds. If you wish, you can start your trading journey with Bitcoin Motion and learn how Bitcoin moves.