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Discover the Online Trading Revolution

In the past few years, online trading has taken the mainstream media by storm and has allowed even your average Joe to get involved with Bitcoin trading. Although not everyone may know what Bitcoin trading involves, people updated in the online world know how popular online investing has become.

With Bitcoin Motion, it may be easy to access and trade on Bitcoin from the comfort of your own home. The platform can be used on various operating systems, such as Android, macOS, and Windows. This broad range of compatibility lets users’ access Bitcoin Motion from anywhere in the world.

The primary reason Bitcoin trading has become so favorable is that nearly anyone with an internet connection can access it. People are all about ease of use these days; that's where Bitcoin Motion steps up and delivers immense accessibility. The program is designed for beginner and advanced users to try and gain a better overall perspective of the Bitcoin market.

In the old days, trading was done via phone or held in an auction, making it challenging for the average investor to open a position. However, these days everyone is allowed a chance to try out Bitcoin trading through the wonders of the internet. No matter how old you are, it is never too late to learn something about Bitcoin investing.

Whether or not you have noticed, people’s lives have always involved trading; buying something at the store is essentially a trade because you exchange money for the item you want. Both of these things are assets and hold a specific value upon purchase. The prices of these store-bought items could vary depending on stock availability and demand, and the same goes for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is about to change the game with regards to trading and digital currency. The digital asset has already become a legal tender in El Salvador in June 2021 due to the country's crippling economy.

In today's article, what will be discussed is what Bitcoin Motion is and how it has been helping people on their Bitcoin trading journey. You also learn about the history of this digital coin and how it rose to fame.

The History of Bitcoin

2009 was the year that Bitcoin was released to the public by anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto. The coin came during an economic recession and was initially designed as a reward token for peer-to-peer transactions.

Shortly after its release, crypto-savvy investors noticed it for its excellent store value, which was quite similar to gold at the time. One of the first whales to buy into Bitcoin was the Winklevoss twins, who are now owners of one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, Gemini.

These brothers own more than 70,000 Bitcoin and have a combined net worth of over $6 billion as of November 2021. When the twins invested in the digital asset in 2011, little was known about what Bitcoin was or the long-term upside potential it had. On a beach in Ibiza, the Winklevoss was introduced to Bitcoin by a friend. Their buddy suggested that they invest in Bitcoin because it would become the future of currency exchange.

The twin's substantial purchase of over a million coins drove the market price higher, resulting in more investors researching the asset.

In 2013, the price of Bitcoin consolidated for the first six months before going on a record-breaking rally through November and December. The digital asset's value reached all-time highs of $1,100 and continued to soar higher in the next four years.

During the bearish run in 2017 and 2018, Bitcoin was valued at around $5,000. However, in 2019 it began to rally up to the $9,000 mark before retracing once again. By then, the market cap had risen dramatically, and other cryptos were emerging, gathering even more interest from prominent investors and countries. When the demand for Bitcoin grew, some traders saw this as an opportunity to leverage its volatility.

2020 and 2021 proved to be the year that Bitcoin took off as it rallied to incredible new highs of more than $65,000. In 2022, the market retraced and is consolidating before another possible bull run. Some Bitcoin experts believe that the coin can reach around $100,000 in the next few years.

Whatever way you look at it, Bitcoin may be here to stay and is being included in our lives more than you think. Multiple online stores now accept Bitcoin as a form of payment for a variety of goods.

How Does Bitcoin Motion Work?

If you have no idea how Bitcoin trading works or haven't been on a system like Bitcoin Motion, it will be explained below. Bear in mind that trading is a complicated process that sometimes takes years to find consistency.

Using Bitcoin Motion, you can view in-depth details surrounding Bitcoin's price, including candlestick charts, moving averages, and relative strength index. The tools provided on the platform are unique to traders, assisting both novice and intermediate traders in trying to make the most of their analysis.

Thanks to the internet and Bitcoin Motion, anyone can join the Bitcoin Revolution from anywhere in the world. The platform includes a vast number of technical indicators that can be used to try and determine market conditions before opening a speculative position.

No matter what kind of trader you are, you can find the perfect instruments for your Bitcoin trading requirements. Below are a few of the technical indicators included with Bitcoin Motion:

  • Bollinger Bands
  • Exponential Moving Average
  • Relative Strength Index
  • Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)
  • Fibonacci Retracement Tool
  • Stochastic Oscillator

These are not the only tools included with Bitcoin Motion, but they are some of the most popular ones used by Bitcoin traders. It is good to note that substantial risk is involved when trading on digital assets due to the market's high volatility. Around 70% of traders lose money when investing for the first time because of a lack of knowledge, capital, and impatience.

When you create an account on the platform, an account manager contacts you to assist you in setting up the Bitcoin Motion's platform. This service is available for new traders who need help analyzing and placing trades on Bitcoin.

The account managers have been in the industry for a few years and have helped some investors with their trading journeys.

Advanced users might love the unique features that Bitcoin Motion offers them. Even the most veteran trader can find their favorite tools to include in their trading strategy.

How Can a Trading Platform Help You?

Now that you have a basic understanding of trading, you might wonder how Bitcoin Motion can help you. It was mentioned that trading could be challenging to master and requires a lot of education before entering the markets. It is good to practice as often as possible to highlight your errors and correct trading mistakes.

Luckily, Bitcoin Motion has a demo account option for new traders to learn the ropes while interacting with the Bitcoin charts. Only with perseverance and dedication are you going to be able to hopefully find your consistency trading on digital assets.

Bitcoin Motion was designed to be intuitive yet straightforward enough for traders of all skill levels. It can hopefully help them make intelligent investment choices by using all the analytical tools available in the trading hub. The platform can help you see "the bigger picture" while spending time learning about the Bitcoin markets.

Remember that this platform's primary purpose is not to deliver entirely accurate predictions or trade for you but rather to provide you with the instruments required to hopefully trade on Bitcoin successfully. It is impossible for any platform to accurately predict price movements because of the daily volatility the market experiences.

You still have to do most of the work when analyzing the charts and opening your speculative position. If you want to hopefully become a successful trader, please be aware that there are no shortcuts. You are choosing to become a professional, and that means you need to work for it. With the help of Bitcoin Motion, you can put in the effort and start your journey with Bitcoin investing.

Should You Invest?

The most common question beginners ask themselves before using a trading platform is, "Should I invest?". Previously, it was mentioned that trading is a high-risk activity, so it only makes sense that people ask this question. Some individuals may refrain from trading at all due to the potential risk involved in digital currencies.

Whether you decide to invest in Bitcoin or not is entirely up to you. There is a lot of stress with the Bitcoin trading environment, and if you feel you can't handle it, then it might be wise you hold back until you are more comfortable. It's good to remember that Bitcoin Motion was developed to make trading comfortable and easy for its users.

In most cases, people feel stressed while trading because they don't understand what is happening on the charts. This lack of knowledge can be the downfall of many traders and can only be resolved through journaling. Once you start getting a better understanding of what trading involves, you can hopefully develop an effective Bitcoin trading strategy. It would help if you were resilient in the markets because it is ever-changing, which means your plan needs to be adjusted too.

By creating a Bitcoin trading strategy with Bitcoin Motion, you can add multiple indicators to create confluences for your trading bias. When you have a few confluences in your trading plan, it might give you more confirmation on the market's direction. Including three to four indicators that provide the signal you are looking for may be the best practice among professional traders worldwide.

One of the most significant pieces of information the team could provide you is never to invest more money than you can afford to lose. That's how you can be less nervous when trading and things do not go your way. Remember, you may lose some trades and you may win some. Trading is not about gains all the time; it's about fine-tuning your discipline and skills to hopefully become a consistent investor.

The most imperative thing to remember is to learn from all your trading experiences and journal whether it's good or bad. Journaling can help traders get back on track if their last few trades have been wrong. Be as analytical as possible when writing down your wins and losses because it may help you overcome future trading downfalls.

Using Bitcoin Motion to Trade

The main focus of Bitcoin Motion was to create an intuitive Bitcoin trading platform that lets traders from all walks of life join the revolution. While other platforms offer a vast range of assets and securities to choose from, that is where Bitcoin Motion is different.

This platform is specially designed for Bitcoin, eliminating the risk of being tempted to invest in assets you do not understand yet. If you want to avoid confusing yourself, studying one digital asset at a time might be the best thing to do.

When you start gaining experience in trading, you can move over to other coins and complete the relevant research concerning them. However, with recent developments in Bitcoin and possible upgrades to the blockchain in the future, it might be a good idea to study Bitcoin for a long time.

How to Sign Up for Bitcoin Motion

It only takes three simple steps if you want to sign up for Bitcoin Motion. The team made the registration process effortless because they know that time is money.

It's good to note that they do not require a copy of your bank statement or ID to begin; all they need is some basic contact information and a valid email address. This minimalistic setup has helped traders start investing the same day their account is opened. Here is the process to sign up for an account with Bitcoin Motion:

Step One

If you wish to join, complete the registration form at the bottom of this page and fill in all required information. The details required currently include account password, phone number, email address, and full name. Be sure to choose a strong password to protect your new trading account.

Step Two

Once your information has been verified, you are contacted by one of the account managers. They can help you setting up your trading strategy..

Step Three

You can start working on your Bitcoin trading plan with Bitcoin Motion and get comfortable with technical indicators. Remember, you can easily adjust trading parameters through the hub at any time during a session.

Following these simple steps allows anyone to get involved in the world of Bitcoin trading. Bitcoin Motion gives traders a bird's eye view of the markets and lets them use a range of instruments to analyze the charts.

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